Why can't I place an each way bet for GC?

Why can't I place an each way bet for GC?

Once a multi day stage race has started (a 2.X race), the betting markets close to allowing bettors to the second half of their each way bets. The markets believe there is too much information out in the open once the race has started to be able to generate odds effectively for the 1/2/3 slot.

You'll still be able to make direct bets on the potential winner of the race. However, we find these odds are usually short, riskier, and it's hard to find value amongst them.

It may be worthwhile at smaller races where the general classification (GC) can still be broken open due to lack of strong team support or an extremely hilly finish.

A great example of the GC being broken open on the final day can be found in our Giro di Sicilia recap:

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