Tour Down Under 2024 Betting Favourites

Tour Down Under 2024 Betting Favourites
Riders race to the finish line in last year's Tour Down Under

Type: Multi Day
Country: Australia
Level: World Tour
Stages: 6
Most Difficult Climb: Wilunga - Stage 5 - 3.4km - 7.3%

Well. We're back. Sort of. We'll have limited previews this year as the cycling season starts back up. One of which is the Tour Down Under - where yes, you're basically playing a lottery card. Who's on form? Who's leading the team? Why are Tarling and Ganna at a race for INEOS with no time trials? We shall see.

Plapp's been on good form at the recent races prior to TDU - finishing first in both the time trial and the road race at his new Jayco team. But he finished last year 1rst in the time trial and fourth in the road race and went on to play support man for Simon. Will something happen again like that this year? Or will they let Plapp have leadership so that Plapp will support Simon later in the season?

In terms of movement, Del Toro has moved from 121 to 151 and Finn Fisher-Black (FFB) has moved from 21-17. Stage 5 is the hardest in term of climbing - with Willunga hill being done twice. Stage 6 has Mount Lofty done twice but it's about half the distance of Willunga. However given how both initial rounds of the climbs are about 30km out from the finish they can provide nice launching pads for attacks.

Alaphillippe is priced too highly. It's simply his name recognition that has him at that price and the bookmakers are scared of being pumped too heavily on him. Don't get us wrong. He might win a stage, but he'll unlikely win the whole shebang. It'll be interesting to see if he has any form at all this early in the season.

Corbin Strong we've placed some wagers on given potential team ownership for IPT and his New Zealand heritage. He was at 201.00 initially. Had to grab him early. See our article here.

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