Which cyclists are good in wet conditions?

Which cyclists are good in wet conditions?
You want rain? Head to the Tour of Yorkshire.

We have a corresponding post for which cyclists perform in the cold. But as you may know yourselves, being cold isn't necessarily the same as being wet. Especially with road conditions. Just because the road is cold doesn't mean it's treacherous. But throw some water on some oily Italian roads and you've got a dangerous situation on your hands.

Which cyclists perform well in the cold? | Pro Cycling Bets
Analysis of which riders perform the best in cold conditions during professional cycling races and could prove to have an edge in betting.

So which riders can not only handle their bike when conditions get slippery, but also seem to excel compared to the rest of the peloton?

We break down a few names that we've seen do well in prior races, and what's the general consensus is across the peloton.

  • Ion Izagirre
  • Hugh Carthy
  • Derek Gee
  • Davide Formolo
  • Mads Pedersen

These riders can gruel it out happily, and are more likely to retain energy near the end on stages where it rains all day and saps the soul.