Which cyclists perform well in the cold?

Which cyclists perform well in the cold?

Weather and it's nuances is a variable that can affect cycling races in a wide variety of ways. From it being too hot, to having wicked cross-winds in Belgium in the early spring races. Cold is just another one of those factors, and one that we're differentiating from it being wet and rainy.

You can have warm and wet and rainy day, with slick surfaces and a rider may perform well in those compared to if it's below ten degrees and they're bundled up in base layers.

We outline some of the top riders we've seen over the years who've performed well in the cold.

Romaine Bardet

Bardet likes the cold so much that he complained when a course was shortened in the Tour of the Alps one year due to poor weather and snow. You know you've got an advantage when you want to ride in the white stuff.

Matteo Jorgenson

Maybe that partial Scandanavian heritage plays into it, but whatever the case Jorgenson seems to embrace the sub ten degree days.

This is not Thibault or Jorgenson. We just thought Alaphilippe looked good here 🙃

Thibault Pinot

This man wants to raise sheep in his retirement in 2024. And with sheep you have to herd them rain or shine, hot or cold. Maybe that plays into why this French rider seems to not be fazed by any sort of difficult weather conditions.

Juan Ayuso

While he does complain that it's tough because he doesn't have any body fat he recognizes his performance excels when the temperatures drop.

Simon Carr

Of his many stand out performances, they've almost always been on cold and frigid days. Carr's most recent being winning a Tour of the Alps 26.5km solo effort when the temp was below nine degrees.

Tadej Pogačar

While he might not like it, and will complain about it, statistically he most certainly performs exceedingly well compared to his competitors both in the cold and the wet. It could just be his consistency but we think not.