Critérium du Dauphiné Favourites 2023

Critérium du Dauphiné Favourites 2023

Startlist: Link
Stages: 8
Startdate: June 4th
Individual Time Trial: 1
GC Defining Stages: 7, 8 (final stages)

The prelude to the Tour de France, the Critérium du Dauphiné brings down the riders from their altitude camps to test the legs prior to the most prestigious event of the year (don't tell the Italians that though).

The multi day event is back end heavy, so when you're placing each way bets ensure that you have riders who can climb and don't be forlorn if your picks are looking down and out the first few days.

Value Picks

The start list is still thin on PCS and First Cycling. We'll update this as more names become available. Especially as the odds drop.

Louis Meintjes looks to be going. Meintjes is always great as he just rides his own race, and we loved that he hopped up twenty spots on GC in the final day of Giro di Sicilia. Given the back loaded nature of this event, we're expecting something similar can occur here.

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In terms of value picks though from our eyes, it's always worth scanning the debutants (first time riders) of the event. Both Oscar Onley and Max Poole from Team DSM have been performing remarkably well recently. We doubt they'll be given short odds but names to look out for.

Giuli Cicconne from Trek might be there leader and is potentially a dark horse. Cicconne's placed 7th at Vuelta Catalunya and 5th at Tirreno Adriatico earlier in the year however, and managed to nab a solid 5th in La Flèche classic up the Mur de Huy.

Ben Turner is a good dark horse sprinter, beating Wellens, Trentin, Meeus and Menten earlier in the year and taking a win in a bunch sprint. And he's only done it once, which will likely lead to long odds, but also that he can still perform well.

Top Teams

The teams who will be strong at the Tour will also be bringing strong rosters to this event, so pay attention to UAE, Jumbo Visma and Movistar. UAE may be not bringing Pogačar if they're still letting his wrist heal, but Jumbo should have Vingegaard on the start line.

Movistar will have a strong squad with Jorgenson and Mas, and we're interested if they let Jorgenson be a leader here if they expect him to work for Mas in the Tour. With Jorgenson's recent rumoured signing with Jumbo however, we don't think Movistar will be giving him much free reign.


Stage 1

This is a Ben Healy esque stage if we've ever seen one. Climbs of no longer than 1km repeated multiple times. The descent at the end seems a little gnarly so close to the finish given that if a break hasn't formed it could be a little dangerous.

Stage 2

The 1.3km kicker @ 5.1% at the end could prove to be decisive especially with the Côte de Guetes right beforehand which is another 1km @ 7.5%. Less likely to be a bunch sprint in out opinion.

Stage 3

A break should be able to form over the initial climb of 5.8km of 5.4% and stay away until the final climb. None of the climbs are hard enough to drop the sprinter's though. Could still be a toss up between a bunch win or sprint.

Stage 4 (ITT)

Interesting they've placed the minor hill at the beginning. It's a decent climb and lighter ITT'ers should perform better, but 30km is a decent chunk of distance for those raw power folks.

Stage 5

A legal descent finish only because the climb prior of 3.5km @ 9.2% should be steep enough and long enough to form break and stretch the peloton. Expect GC action or a decent rouleur / puncheur to win.

Stage 6

Ah, finally, some climbs. 7.7km @ 6% and then a hill top finish of 2.4km @ 7%. GC action or a strong hill climber should prove to do well.

Stage 7

They backloaded this beast. 25km @ 6.1% of Col de la Madeleine in the middle and then after the value 18.3km @ 5.7% of Col du Mollard and then finishing on Col de la Croix de Fer of 13.1km @ 6.1%.

Hopefully an exciting GC day, with a strong climber taking the win.

Stage 8

Three long climbs puncture this stage right near the end. GC action will be attempted if it's close. Finishes with a 1.8km climb of an intense 14%. A punchy GC candidate who has survived to the end should be able to take the win.