Who has cycling betting odds in Canada?

Who has cycling betting odds in Canada?
Women's Tour De France 2022

Most provinces in Canada recently legalized sports betting in 2022, and betting houses have slowly been breaking into the market. From what we've seen they have had to adapt their apps somewhat to handle the specific restrictions per province but they're making headway.

So while we may not have all the available betting houses that offer cycling odds, we've compiled a list of the ones that do and some nuanced notes about their odds.


Offer odds mainly the big races of the year. Think Monuments, Giro d'Italia and Tour de France


Well known in the cycling community. Usually the first betting house to get odds up for certain stage races. Offers Head to Head odds (H2H) and also Top 10 odds for large races closer to the kickoff of the race.


Another betting house that specializes in cycling odds. Often offers odds on women's races and Top 4 or Top 6 odds for major races.


Slightly better than BetMGM in terms of odd options for races. Bwin will also offer up cycling head to head odds which BetMGM often does not.

We'll periodically update this list as more betting houses enter the Canadian market so it may make sense to bookmark this page. 🙂