What's a roadbook in cycling?

What's a roadbook in cycling?
2022 Roadbook for Arctic Race of Norway

A roadbook in cycling is the guide to each and every stage of the multi day event. It is provided by the race organizers and can either be incredibly detailed or incredibly sparse depending on the size and budget of the event.

For example, the Giro 2023 edition roadbook was 180 pages of details on every stage with information on the course, each categorized climb, and history about the surrounding area.

Even smaller races that don't span three weeks sometimes have large road books. Take a look at the Arctic Race of Norway's 2022 roadbook here.

The roadbook will also provide information on the rules and regulations of the road for cyclists and the directeur sportifs in the cars behind.

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Any specific race specific nuances, such as the "Golden Mile" in the Tour of Belgium or the Tissot Kilometer in the Tour de Suisse will also be noted.

While a lot of this information can be found online, it's still the case that having a physical copy is useful at times.

It's also a great place to advertise if you're in the cycling industry!