Veneto Classic 2023 Betting Favourites

Veneto Classic 2023 Betting Favourites
Riders during the Veneto Classic 2022

Type: One Day
Country: Italy
Level: Pro

All the big teams are showing up - it's mainly going to be a question of who's not yet on the retirement ship for the season. Andreas Kron seems to be making an appearance and we think he might be good value given his strong Vuelta form, then a slight dip in performance in recent races.

Seems like however, Kron got placed too short. We're liking Strong or Battistella again. Once you've won once - you're that much more likely to win again.

Last Year's Results

Previous Winners

There's only been two years that the race has been run, with 2022 going to March Hirschi and and the previous year, 2021, being won by Samuel Battistella.


We like this course. There's a variety of train and climbs and it should be an exciting end to the season race.