Tour of the Alps 2023 Preview

Tour of the Alps 2023 Preview

With Tour of Alps starting next week, you know the Giro is just around the corner - and you can find our current favourites and value picks for that here.

INEOS Grenadiers are coming in with a strong team. It's basically half their squad for the Giro subtracting those who have been doing the classics (so no Pidcock or Ganna). It will also be the first debut of Vlasov since Tirrenno-Adriatico (early March) so we'll be able to see if the training and staying away from the classics have been paying off for him.

Other than that, the field is a mixed bag, with EF Education - Easy Post most likely hoping to collect some UCI points and continue bucking the trend of their underdog status.

Given that the general classification should be relatively up for grabs (a few top slots will go to INEOS) this should be an exciting stage race and highlight some key competitors for the first grand tour of the year!

Stage 1

Expect this stage to kickoff near the end, with the sprint seconds being garnered 25k from the finish and then a decent category 2 climb for 5k followed by a solid kicker of 6.3km at 4.6%, the last kilometre which is at ~9%.

It's unlikely they'll be a bunch sprint and the results from day 1 will be indicative of GC for the days to come.

Stage 2

Three final climbs back to back will separate those in shape from those who aren't. 4k at ~8% is fairly hard after the previous two easier climbs. Expect key players from stage 1 to do well, but remove those who don't have the stamina for multi day races.

Stage 3

You read that right. That's 15.6km @ 7.5 right at the end. If rider's hadn't yet dropped off in days 1 and 2, the final climb of the day will definitely illustrate the cream of the crop when it comes to climbers. A breakaway may form after the first category 2 climb and succeed in making it to the end. But probably not given just how long that final climb is, and the likelihood excellent climbers will catch them.

Stage 4

A rest day basically. Expect a bunch sprint. Potentially of a few riders who manage break away on the final category 2 climb 15k from the finish.

Stage 5

Basically identical to stage 5. GC will have already been decided by this point given the probable time gaps generate from stages 1-3 (hard climbs can generate huge GC time gaps). Expect a bunch finish unless GC is close. Don't bet on GC riders who don't need the time. Search for a few top 10-ers who are close together.

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