Tour of Slovenia 2023 Betting Favourites

Tour of Slovenia 2023 Betting Favourites

Country: Slovenia
Level: Pro
Total Stages: 5
Mountain stages: 1
Time Trials: 0

Not too many heavy mountains to speak of, except on stage four. You can expect a non-dominant mountain rider to potentially win. But there's enough climbs that a climber will do better than a rouleur most likely.

Key Players

We've got a number of big names here: Groenewegen, Zana, Fotunato, Bauhaus - but not the largest name that shows up annually. Of course we're talking about Tadej Pogačar, who while back on the bike after his broken wrist, is still in rehab mode prior to the Tour de France.

Strongest Teams

All the teams are bringing at least one decent sprinter with a GC contender to boot. The likes of UAE, BORA, Bahrain and Jayco all should perform well. But what's great about this race is that all the big teams are skimping there rosters here as they plan and prepare the Tour de France, or have some of their roster at the Tour de Suisse. You know what that means? Value. Value, Value, Value.

Teams such as EOLO-Kometa, Corratec, Tudor and Q36.5 should have strong contenders who can win from the break and perform well overall in GC

Value Picks

The odds haven't dropped yet, but Edoardo Zambanini from Bahrain, who placed 4th overall in the Tour de Hongrie last year, and 4th at the Gran Piemonte should prove to be a good backup option for Bahrain, and potentially a good break away rider one of the days for a win if Bahrain is set on Mohorič (which they should be given his background).

Other options for potential stage wins are Davide Bais from EOLO - Kometa who one a stage recently at the Giro 2023, Tonelli from Green Project - Bardiani who finished fourth on a stage in the same Giro, and Fedeli from Q36.5 who finished 3rd at Eschborn - Frankfurt this year in the breakaway with Soren Krah Anderen.

There's also some good value coming from Tudor as well with the like of Simon Pellaud, who won KOM and GC at Le Tour de Betagne this year, finishing 2nd on one of the stages.

Finally any Slovenians should be given free reign, such as Domen Novak from UAE, especially with Pogačar out of the mix. Novak finished third overall at last years tour and 2nd in the first stage.


Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Break will definitely form on the initial climb 🙃

Stage 4

Break will potentially form on the inital climb.

Stage 5

Break should form on the initial climb.