Corbin Strong 🇳🇿

Corbin Strong 🇳🇿
Corbin winning stage one of the Tour of Britain 2022

Cyclists, given the nature of having to be incredibly thin, tend to look far below their years. Corbin we feel is the opposite. He seems to look in his mid thirties in all his pictures. But don't let the photos dissuade you that this lad is over and done with - he's only 23 and ramping up well.

His standout performance was in the Tour of Britain last year with a win on stage one and second in the points classification. With the Tour of Britain again just around the corner, can he do better this year?

Stage profile of Stage 1 Tour of Britain 2022


Hailing from a strong track background (he's held the rainbow jersey before from the track Points race) Strong definitely has the punch to follow through in a final sprint.

Strong's climbing ability is also good enough to get him through most rouleur based stages. And while he's definitely not a Gall or Johannessen - he's definitely got some prowess in that area.

When to Bet

Strong can win from a bunch sprint, and judging from the stage profiles we've viewed, especially a slightly downhill bunch sprint.

Whenever Israel Premier - Tech is in stage hunting mode (often) you should be clear to place a bet unless they're clearly letting other riders like a Krist Neilands or Derek Gee control the break away show.

Betting him to win some 2.1 stage events overall isn't a bad shout either, especially if there's going to be a few hilly / rouleur based days that end in bunch sprints. But avoid if the event has a time trial - he's still not got that nailed down.

Finally, some one day Classics in the .Pro level for a top three performance is a decent option if the odds are long enough. Strong has hovered around the edges of the top three at these races for a while and we could see him breaking through.

Strong on the track