Tour de Wallonie 2023 Betting Favourites

Tour de Wallonie 2023 Betting Favourites
Tour de Wallonie 2023 Stages

Country: Belgium
Level: Pro
Total Stages: 5
Mountain Stages: 2
Sprint Stages: 2
Time Trials: 1
Stages: LFR

We haven't had time to do our usual full analysis of this Tour, but thought we'd get up at least the stage profiles for now. Stay tuned for more.

We're liking Josh Tarling for the time trial day over Ganna but for overall think he's a tad too hyped up. We'll happily be proven wrong though as we did down some change on him.

Joshua Tarling 🇬🇧 Cyclist Profile | Pro Cycling Bets
One of Great Britain’s next great professional cyclists. An analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, and future performance of Joshua Tarling.

Mauro Schmid is generally a good shout for a stage, but after his performances at the Tour de Suisse definitely don't think he'll be taking a 1/2/3 unless he's swallowed a whole bunch of magic ketones.

Thibau Nys we're generally feeling for the overall. Yes he's more a sprinter, but this is a light rouleur event and think he can get over every hill offered up.


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Stage 5