Tour de Vendee 2023 Betting Favourites

Tour de Vendee 2023 Betting Favourites
Tour de Vendee 2022 Winner Bryan Coquard

Type: One Day
Level: .1

A French sprint race. Pure and simple. If you check out the start list the competition is well...sparse. It's likely Demare will simply be able to swoop in and take the win here, but you never know.

Coquard took it away from him the prior year. There's no Mozzato this year, so that third slot is kinda hovering wide open. Paul Penhoët has been looking good at recent races - but will his form hold or has it been just a fluke?

As usual, our advice is never to bet Sagan. This has been tried and true the entire year since he retired but kept on appearing on a bike to collect a pay cheque. The name recognition is the only reason he's so high on the odds list.

Value Picks

This one is out there. So take this with a huge grain of salt. But what about Jetse Bol? Currently hovering at 751.00 - definitely the main rider for the Burgos - BH team and he's come second at a Vuelta stage in 2019.

We're not saying he's going to come close, but at 751.00 we, may, or may not have placed down an inkling.