Super 8 (Primus) Classic 2023 Betting Favourites

Super 8 (Primus) Classic 2023 Betting Favourites
Jordi Meeus winning the Primus (Super 8) Classic in 2022

While MVDP will be making a showing given the startlist, there's no climbs to speak of in the last 10kms and this one will likely be a bunch sprint. Who knows though given the Mads Pedersen should also be making an appearance and that man has been on. It's plausible he'll try to roll off the front early, or just attempt a sprint along with the rest.

Thibau Nys, Pedersen's teammate on Lidl might also make a dent in the sprint, and we could see Pedersen taking his foot off the gas to let others on the team have an attempt at a win after his recent success.

In the 2021 edition there was a break of six riders. So don't count that outside the realm of possibilities.

Break of six riders in the 2021 edition

Prior Year's Winner


Roughly the same profile as last year's course. 4kms shorter it looks like. Apologies that there's no climb markers. LFR doesn't seem to have them integrated yet. But you can see how the last 9km there's a nice downhill for a sprint.

Last Year's Course