San Sebastian Klasikoa 2023 Favourites

San Sebastian Klasikoa 2023 Favourites
San Sebastian Klasikoa - 2023 Roadbook

Elevation Gain: 4023m

Clocking in at just over 230km San Sebastian is colloquially known as Spain's Monument. Occurring just after the Tour de France, prior to COVID the race was often won by an assortment of Tour riders hoping to double up. No longer has that been the case in recent years. Well maybe if Remco got off his high horse and actually went to the Tour finally.

Remco cleaned up two of the last three editions in 2022 and 2019 (there was no edition held in 2020 due to COVID). Neilson Powless blew onto the scene with his big win in 2021.

2023 Course

2022 Course

The Jaizkibel is the course's hardest climb, clocking in at 7km @ 6%, but it's a good 100km from the finish in this edition. This year they've spiced it up and added Mendizorrotz roughly 35km from the finish which is 4km @ 7.3%.

So they'll have four climbs instead of three and a slightly longer distance total. But the final climb is still 8km from the finish - 2km @ 10% which is pretty difficult for any sprinter to call this race home.

Value Picks

We're obviously liking Remco for a sweep, but he won't be coming in as value. Riders like a Quinn Simmons, Victor Lafay, Ion Izagirre, Giulio Cicconne, or a Pello Bilbao may be getting longer odds than they should be and could shine.

A strong descent helps  - so riders like Ion Izagirre or Bilbao could get an edge in that regard.

Also interesting note is that Bauke Mollema has done San Sebastian ten times, and every time has acheived a top ten result! Seems like mad easy money if they release a top ten betting odds section 😂