Renewi Tour (aka Benelux Tour) 2023 Betting Favourites

Renewi Tour (aka Benelux Tour) 2023 Betting Favourites
Benelux winners - 2021

Country: Netherlands
Level: World Tour
Total Stages: 5
Mountain Stages: 2
Sprint Stages: 2
Time Trials: 1
Stages: LFR

Well. We're pretty sure they AI generated their poster for the Tour. Which we guess is all well and good, but alas these posters are becoming more and more similar. But we digress.

A lot of big names coming this year. Specifically from the sprinters. Dèmare has changed teams to Arkea and will be looking to make a big splash but is up against the likes of Philipsen, van Aert, Nyz, De Lie, and Merlier.

The event didn't occur in 2022, but did in 2021 and 2nd placed contender Matej Mohorič is arriving, and 1rst place that year Sonny Colbrelli is sadly no longer in the sport due to his heart condition.

Moho has apparently skipped World's solely to focus on this tour. So if you wanted to lay some heavy money down when the odds drop for him to place in the top three, we honestly wouldn't disuade you.

Matej Mohoric: “Nee, ik ga het WK in Glasgow echt niet rijden”
Na een ritzege in de Tour de France en een nieuwe etappe-overwinning in de Ronde van Polen presteert Matej Mohoric op hoog niveau. De Sloveen van Bahrain Victorious staat na drie etappes aan de leiding in Polen en met het WK in aantocht zou het bijna zonde zijn als Mohoric die vorm niet verzilvert i

Interesting that the time trial is on stage two, as any larger time differences there that are unlocked by riders will be targeted by their rivals in the future three stages aggressively.

None of the climbs on the climbing stages are incredibly long (nothing longer than 1.5km), and the gradients typically hover around 7%. Definitely a rouleur based tour and the time trial will be a defining aspect of who should come out with the win.


Stage 1

[LFR] - Elevation: 363m

Stage 2

Number of corners: 11
[LFR] - Elevation: 8m

Stage 3

[LFR] - Elevation: 1401m

Stage 4

[LFR] - Elevation: 348m

Stage 5

[LFR] - Elevation: 1747m

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