Tour of Flanders Recap - 2023

Tour of Flanders Recap - 2023

What a race! Well worth the price admission. That being the L we took on our head to head bets. Too many of which featured Mohoric who took a wipe out, at no fault of his own at around the 70km mark. Could have been worse, he could have been in the epic pile up @ the 100km mark (Who knows? Maybe he was in that too - boy, that would have been a rough day).

We struck out less than that fella that's for sure. We made back a good chunk of change on Pogačar (who we almost always put money on because he's such a racer - he will always go for the win) and a few of our value top 10's panned out. We had Houle (🇨🇦) as a value E/W - and he was in the G1 break for a while but then eventually broke down on one of the climbs.

Suffice to say, with almost breaking even, and a fantastic multi faceted race, we're more than content this Sunday.

The women's race ran along the well worn grooves of SD Worx as we expected, but the betting market also had expected that with incredibly short odds that we didn't feel the need to lay down on. Our two "maybe SD Worx fall asleep and our rider has the ride of her life" picks Pfieffer and Lippert didn't pan out.

Hope you all enjoyed the race as much as we did!

Stay tuned for our Itzulia Basque Country preview.