The Ultimate Guide to Professional Cycling

The Ultimate Guide to Professional Cycling
The Ultimate Guide to Professional Cycling: First Edition

One of our staff writers has written a book; and we'd be remiss if we didn't shout them out.

An immersive journey into the heart of the sport. This comprehensive guide unlocks the secrets of racing tactics while simultaneously kindling a deep appreciation for the joy of watching the peloton in action. This may not be the best damn book out there - but it's 400+ pages will give you at least all the reference knowledge necessary to begin unlocking the chess game that is modern cycling.

Purchase it for yourself, or, maybe, for that special someone in your life who enjoys cycling far too much and you have no idea what to buy them because they already purchase everything they want.

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From breakaways to sprints, this book dissects the strategies employed by elite cyclists, revealing the intricate dance of teamwork, endurance, and calculated risk-taking that unfolds on the road. All with some pretty durned cute diagrams if you ask us ourselves.

And no. ChatGPT was not used to write the book thank you very much.

But honestly. By purchasing the book you're supporting our server costs. So thanks.