Sports Betting Odds Without Pogačar

Sports Betting Odds Without Pogačar

After the recent series of wins early in 2023, compiled with his seasons the past few years, it's clear the Pogačar is a once in a generation rider. It's almost guaranteed that he's going to win in certain races, and it's most certainly guaranteed that he's going to at least try for the win (which is why we always feel so comfortable placing a bet on him).

But given that, it's also doesn't make sense to necessarily bet on any other rider for certain races, and since betting houses make money on the liquidity in the market they needed to figure out a solution.

That solution is that you'll more often see odds provided for the top slot "excluding Pogačar". These odds are set imagining the scenario that Pogačar wins position one for sure, and position two becomes position one in terms of the odds. During Paris-Nice we saw this for a few stages.

So if you're wondering if you should place an incredibly short bet on Pogačar, maybe hold off for a few hours. The "without Pogačar" odds tend to appear a few hours after the main odds, once the betting house realizes they need more liquidity.

Recently, with Pog's broken wrist, they've also removed him from the Tour de France (and provided odds 'without Pogacar') because they can't quite calculate the odds given they don't know how well he'll recover.