My bet was marked incorrectly! What do I do?

My bet was marked incorrectly! What do I do?

Recently we had an E/W on Roglic to come top 3 at Volta Catalunya. We watched the race and saw him place 2nd and felt relatively content. We also had an E/W on Remco who placed 3rd so we figured we did okay for the day 💰.

When we went to check my account later on in the day (We'll name-drop Betway) we noticed that while our Remco E/W was marked as a win, our Roglic E/W bet was not. Unless or eyes had deceived us earlier in the day and Pro Cycling Stats (PCS) was also incorrect then something was amiss.

We reached out to the betting house's support, which was Betway in this case, which proved to be an extremely arduous task. There was no direct line or link from their FAQ to ask about incorrectly marked bets. We had to traverse down the "Technical Support" live chat, wait an hour on the live chat, and then explain the situation. They said they couldn't provide any guarantees but it might be addressed within 24 hours. They wouldn't provide me with a ticket number either.

We talked to our friends in the industry and they said it'd probably be addressed when the individual who set the odds sat down to work the next day. It wasn't. It never was. And the bet was small enough we weren't going to spend another hour with their customer support.

The industry friends did say that since the market was so niche, and our bet so unusual (Roglic has short odds and not many people would have made an E/W bet on him) that not many others would have complained.

So just keep that in mind. Betting houses have all the power, and the power of complaint numbers is less influential for niche sporting markets.