Max Poole 🇬🇧

Max Poole 🇬🇧
What a smile on this Poole character.

Rider Type: Climber / GC - Age: 20 - Height - 1.85m

Apparently Max Poole was hamstrung by Covid in 2022, but boy oh boy, has he come roaring back in 2023. Poole's most recent standout performance being on Thyon 2000 - an hour long climb in the Tour de Romandie, where he had Romaine Bardet working for him. That's how confident the team was in him.

Poole snagged fourth on the stage, and an even more impressive fourth overall. That climb's top eight competitors had performances better than any grand tour in 2019. So for Poole to finish fourth shows just how impressive he is.


DSM is known for snagging young talent, bringing them up to speed, and then losing them to a major team like Ineos or Jumbo when the rider gets good and wants a pay raise.

We expect the same thing to occur here. But hey, at least the chap gets to ride all out until then and prove his worth.


Climbing, specifically long strenuous climbs that go on for a long time. We wish he was going to the Giro d'Italia 2023 to be honest. With the amount of long arduous climbs we'd think he'd succeed.

When to Bet?

Clearly if there's an hour long climb he's proven his prowess. But we're thinking any long mountain climb stage finish. As DSM isn't a true GC contender at most major stage races he should be let into breaks. Any stage where the GC will let him go, and there's a hill, is where we'll be thinking of placing an each way on Poole.

Similar to Jay Vine, we think his time trial will develop as he eeks his way into being a general classification rider. So placing a cheeky bet on future time trials when he might not be expected could be a good call.