How do you score UCI Points?

How do you score UCI Points?
Riders gritting it out in the break away - Tour de France 2023

Points are awarded per race, per stage of multi day stage races, and for final results of multi day stage races. The UCI points scale currently gives much more importance to Grand Tour, Monuments, and stages in World Tour races. Pro, dot one, and dot two level races will still generate points for the team, just less.

Bigger boxes indicate more points awarded for UCI Points

Depending on the calibre of the race, points may be given for top five positions, or up to top sixty positions in well-known races such as Monuments. To give an example of the discrepancy in points, a rider who finishes first in Milan San-Remo, a well known monument, would garner 800 UCI points for their team. Whereas a rider who finishes sixtieth would only gain five UCI points for the team. A stage from a Grand Tour such as the Giro d’Italia now generates 180 points for the win, whereas only up to the 15th rider gains the team points, with the 15th raking in two UCI points.

Prior to the 2023 relegation season, the points scale was relatively neutral between dot one, Pro and World Tour level races and had teams hunting down points from these lower level races given they had the same significance as those higher up the food chain.

Teams were previously graded on only the top ten significant riders of their thirty man roster. However, in the 2023 triennium, the top twenty riders of each team were taken into account.

It depends on the situation and the route of each Grand Tour, but the new scoring system makes it more profitable to look for breakaways than to fight to maintain a place at the bottom of the top 10 of the GC