Grand Prix Cycliste de Quebec 2023 Betting Favourites

Grand Prix Cycliste de Quebec 2023 Betting Favourites
Riders on the course of the GP Cycliste de Quebec

Country: Canada
Level: World Tour
Style: One Day

Same startlist as the Montreal race. So you'll have Matej Mohorič with a chip on his shoulder from the Renewi Tour he was training for, and hence have motivation, but will probably do better on the harder Montreal course.

Healy, Hirschi, McNulty, and both Yates all who should perform well on Sunday, might be bested by more sprinty type riders like Girmay or De Lie.

Dark Horses

Don't forget about Derek Gee! 🇨🇦 Gee performed well in the Maryland Cycle classics last week and really let Hugo Houle takes the reins. We think he's been saving it for these races.

Previous Winners


No changes from 2022. 15 laps. Largest climb is 0.4km @ 5.8% which is relatively straightforward. A good warm up for the harder Montreal course. Uphill drag to the finish line. A Michael Matthews esque finish.