Giro d'Italia 2023 Stage Profiles

Giro d'Italia 2023 Stage Profiles
Giro d'Italia - 2022

Total distance: 3490.87 Km
High mountain stages: 4
Mountain top finishes: 5
Flat stages: 8
Individual time trial stages: 3

Lucky you - we list for you all the stage profiles of the 2023 Giro d'Italia. We'll expand upon these stages with our picks and favourites as the race draws nearer. Feel free to bookmark though - we'll be back.

There's three individual time trials (ITTs) within the race so rider's you make each way bets on best be good at not just climbing. Both Roglič and Evenepoel are so it shouldn't make a difference in the general classification (GC) battle.

Stage 1 (Individual Time Trial - ITT) - May 6th 2023

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A rather long ITT to kick off the Giro. Guess they decided to forgo a prologue (which is increasingly common). This could prove decisive right off the bat to break up the GC given it's length. Hopefully your GC betting picks were doing some time trial miles over the winter.

Ganna, Foss, Kung, Roglič and Evenepoel all might take the stage. There's a slight incline at the end, so lighter TT'ers might do well, but it shouldn't affect Foss as much as the incline/decline at the recent Tour de Romandie TT.

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Stage 2

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A sprint finish. Expect a Cavendish, Pedersen, Gaviria or another sprinter who sticks around until day seven to potentially win.

Stage 3

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Similar to Stage 2. A sprint finish in our opinion. You have the kicker of 500 m > 10% followed by 6.3km @ 6.4% then 3.1km @ 6%. All starting 40km from the finish. While that's enough to potentially form a breakaway, it's not enough to not have a bunch sprint.

Expect a bunch sprint from a few key GC contendors, or a bunch sprint of the sprinters.

Stage 4

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The first stage with a hill finish. 9.7km @ 6.1% which is a decent kicker. Two other climbs of 13.5k @ 4.3% and 8.8km @ 4.9% should tire the riders out a respectable amount beforehand. Breaks will be brought back in as GC separation shouldn't have occurred yet and there will be no free riders.

Stage 5

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The last climb of note, 3k @ 8% then 3.4k @ 3.5% is 60k from the finish and not enough for any GC conteders to risk tired legs for no gain. Expect Cavendish, Pedersen, Gaviria or another sprinter who sticks around until day seven to potentially win.

Stage 6

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Climbs - 8.3km @ 6.2%, 3.1km @ 5%, then 9km @ 4%. Similar to day five. A sprint finish, with not one risking a break in our opinion. Expect Cavendish, Pedersen, Gaviria or another sprinter who sticks around until day seven to potentially win.

Stage 7

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The sprinters, such as Cavendish, will mostly head home today. Take a look at that climb. It may be fake news in terms of average elevation, but there's a number of ramps in there that are decent (6.3km @ 7% + 13.5km @ 6%).

Wowee. Expect Evenepoel, Roglič or Almeida to make a strong dent here. If Thomas is on form, the sheer length of this climb suits him.

Stage 8

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Some decent hills in here, 2.8km @ 7%, 7.8km @ 6.5%, 2.8km @ 7.8%, and they're all close to the end. That descent seems barely legal to be honest. We expect a decent climber who can descend well to perform well here - Roglič, Almeida or Caruso all fit that bill.

Stage 9 (Individual Time Trial)

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The second of our ITTs. Almost double the length of the first. Should provide good separation on GC if there hasn't been already. It's incredibly flat, so the true ITT'ers who our given free reign to perform and don't need to rest their legs should win.

This is likely to be Foss or Ganna - but Černy also performed remarkably at the prologue the previous week in Tour de Romandie.

Stage 10

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None of the initial climbs are actually that hard, but they will tire the riders out prior to that hefty kicker in the middle - 2.6km @ 8% might prove good separation for a break.

We enjoy that they don't bold the 8km @ 5.1% but they do bold the 2km @ 5.8% earlier in the route. 🙃

Climbs, 3.4km - 5.2%, 2km - 5.8%, 8km - 5.1%, 1.5km @ 6.8%, 4.2km - 6.4% plus that final 2.6km @ 8 %

There's 22km of descending as well. That's a lot. We expect Caruso who's a strong descender to do well.

Stage 11

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Relatively simple climbs with no aggressive descents on the final climbs. Shouldn't prove too challenging. Transition day in our opinion.

Climbs: 10.1km @ 4.4%, 9.2km @ 4.0%, 5km @ 4.5%

Stage 12

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10.7km @ 5.9% close to the finish? Yah some GC action could happen here. But maybe they'll be saving their legs for the next day. However that descent is steep and fast. We'd be watching carefully for crashes or an unexpected attack.

Stage 13

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Oof. Three major climbs, and one right at the finish? This will separate and define the general classification battle of the Giro. Keep this one on your calendars.

Climbs - 34.3km @ 5.5%, 15.5km @ 8.6%,  12.9km @ 7.3%
Descent - 2nd descent is 1679m in 15km. A bit more than 100m a km which is a lot.

Stage 14

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Basically a transition stage. The initial climb at 55km's (19.9km - 6.6%) in isn't going to make or break anyone. There may be a breakaway on it that eventually ends up winning if they're all "free" riders on GC.

Stage 15

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We think the most interesting of the climbs is right at the start - 11.7km @ 8% which may decisively allow a break to form that could potentially tackle the next three? But unlikely. Too early in the stage.

Stage 16

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This is the "whoops we messed up on stage 13 and need to make up time" stage. Teams that need to re-coup GC time losses will look to make a dent here.

Stage 17

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What. A. Transition. Stage.

Stage 18

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Ah. Another chance to make amends to the GC battle. Those climbs are decently serious and right near the end.

Stage 19

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Well we're glad the organizers are allowing the race to be interesting right to the finish. If your rider is bad at TT's - hopefully they can make up even more time here.

Climbs - 4km @ 7%, 14km @ 5.7%, 9.8km @ 9.3%, 8km @ 7.2%, 7km - 7.8%

Stage 20 (Individual Time Trial)

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ITT with a hill. Same distance roughly as Stage 1. A lot of TTs in this grand tour. Expect the lighter TT riders like a Roglič, Evenepoel or even a Healy to perform well on this stage.

Stage 21

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Not a real stage. 🙃