Giro dell'Emilia 2023 Betting Favourites

Giro dell'Emilia 2023 Betting Favourites
Riders during the Giro dell'Emilia

Level: Pro
Category: One Day

Ah the race where last year Enric Mas road away from Tadej Pogacar. Little did he know that it just wasn't Pogacar's A race for the year and that Il Lombardia was in his sights.

Vlasov and Roglič have both won the race in the past. Will they be making an appearance after their Vuelta run similar to Evenepoel? Unlikely given the short turn around, but we'll see. Lenny Martinez and Romaine Gregoire are apparently showing up - and the 2.1km - 9.4% hill is not hard enough to drop Gregoire so he could make a decent showing.

The race starts from Bologna and...ends in Bologna with five repititions on the a climbing ring: San Luca (2.2km - 9.9%), Monte Albano (1.2km -5.5%), and the downhill of Casaglia. It is considered one of the most important and historical classic bicycle races of the calendar with past winners including Coppi, Bartali and Merckx

Prior Year's Top 10

Some people are chattering that Adam Yates is good value at 6.50 compared to Tadej Pogačar. They're not wrong. For an each way bet you're going to be profitable no matter what - and especially when Pogačar is going to be using this as a preliminary race and not an A target race like Lombardia.

But there also wasn't as stiff as competition last year as this year. Ayuso, Simon Yates, Sivakov, Vlasov, Vine, Carapaz (well. not really Carapaz, his form has been off), Ilan Van Wilder, Cicconne. We could go on. And that's the problem.

Why not take someone with longer payoff odds than Yates who may return greater value on an each way payout when it's likely Roglic and Pogačar will be in the top three as well?

On the top of Ilan Van Wilder, we just spun up a rider profile a couple days ago here:

Ilan Van Wilder Rider Profile | Pro Cycling Bets
One of Belgium’s next great professional cyclists. An analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, and future performance of Ilan Van Wilder


Two large climbs punctuate the middle where a breakaway could form prior to the five laps of the hilly Bologna circuit. 9.4% is steep - which is why Yates is so highly ranked given he excels at the steeper gradients, along with his recent form. We still feel someone punchier will pull through for a top three slot however.