GCN+ Commentator's Twitter Accounts

GCN+ Commentator's Twitter Accounts

After listening to Carlton Kirby crack Dad jokes for a few hours in the early mornings of January during the UAE tour - you may want to send a shout for the commentary - personally we find it quaint and relaxing but we know it's decisive so we'll let you decide your favourites. Here are quick links to all the main GCN+ commentator's Twitter accounts so that you can connect with them live during the broadcast.

Rob Hatch - @RobHatch

Carlton Kirby - @carltonkirby

Declan Quigley - @DQSport

José Been - @JoseBeenTV

Dan Lloyd - @daniellloyd1

Matt Stephens - @RealStephens

Jez Cox - @JezCox

Sean Kelly - @SeanKellyCC

Magnus Backstedt - @Maggy_PR

Brian Smith - @BriSmithy

Dani Rowe - @Dani_Rowe_MBE

Ian Field - @FieldyCX

Adam Blythe - @AdamBlythe89

Jeremy Powers - @JeremyPowers

Dan Bigham - @DanBiggles22

Hannah Walker - @spannawalker

Dani Christmas - @Dani_Christmas

Robbie McEwen - @mcewenrobbie

Orla Chennaoui - @SportsOrla