European Championships ITT 2023 - Betting Favourites

European Championships ITT 2023 - Betting Favourites
Can Wout van Aert reclaim his lost form?

Date: Wednesday, September 20th, 2023 - Men's and Women's

Men's Odds - European Championships ITT

We expect roughly a repeat of the World Championships ITT here - give or take a few dark horses. The course is shorter at only 29.5km for both men and women, along with not a hill to speak of.

Time trial course profile - men and women

This could translate into some better results for the likes of a Kung or a Ganna who really excel on the flat power courses between 20-35km.

Time trial course profile on the actual map

There are only eight corners on the course and they're all mostly right angled corners, which will require the riders to slow down and get back up to speed. The finishing shoot is a straight shot with no climbs or curves to speak of.

We still like Tarling for the W, but we could see Kung doing better and could potentially snag a top three slot. At 4.75 he's still in the money on an Each Way with 1/4 odds.

We're unsure about Wout van Aert. We're blaming it on the kid. Kids take up a whole ton of headspace and TTs are mental games. It's you against the clock. We'll see though.

Armirail should be shorter than Waerenskjold in our opinion. Armirail has beaten him in the races they've been head to head. And by a lot.


Women's Odds - ITT

We think Lotte Kopecky could do surprisingly well here (well not that surprising she's on fire). At 8.00 odds it's worth a dabble. Skalniak-Sojka has been performing well later in the season and at 201.00 why not?

Vollering we imagine would dearly like a world champs jersey however after missing out on World Champs this year, and given that TTs are mental games, go push her over the edge to nag a spot on the podium.