The Best Pro Cycling Podcasts

The Best Pro Cycling Podcasts
We don't actually love BORA that much. But the image was pretty.

It's worth keeping an ear close to the ground of the cycling world by listening to the plethora of cycling podcasts out there. Some riders even host their own shows which may provide slight advantages when deciding who to bet on (for example, you may find out that Geraint Thomas is sick or recovering from illness by listening to his Watts Occurring Podcast)

Most of these can be watched, instead of listened to, on YouTube - if you need the distraction while you're on the trainer. We'll link those channel if that's the case, but all of these can be found in podcast players

  • The Laterne Rouge Podcast
Lanterne Rouge Cycling Podcast
A cycling podcast hosted by Patrick Broe and Benji Naesen by Lanterne Rouge Media, SL. From in-depth race analysis to guest interviews and important events in the world of professional cycling, it will be discussed. The essential companion for long rides, indoor training and dreary work commutes f…
  • The Cycling Podcast (offers up Service Course podcast on the same feed)
The Cycling Podcast
  • Watts Occurring
‎Watts Occurring on Apple Podcasts
‎Sports · 2023
  • GTCC Podcast
‎The Geraint Thomas Cycling Club on Apple Podcasts
‎Sports · 2023
  • Life in the Peloton
Life in the Peloton - A Cycling Podcast with Mitch Docker
Hosted by Mitch Docker, Life in the Peloton is a laidback interview style chat with guests from inside the professional cycling peloton.
  • The Nero Cycling Show
‎The Nero Cycling Show | Unfiltered Cycling Podcast on Apple Podcasts
‎Sports · 2023
  • EF Education First Team Podcast
Team EF Coaching Performance Podcast | Team EF Coaching
Listen in on our cycling performance focused discussions with industry leading experts from Team EF Coaching, EF Pro Cycling and more.
  • The Social Distance Podcast
‎The Social Distance Podcast on Apple Podcasts
‎Sports · 2023

We'll continue to add to podcasts as we decide they reach our bar 🙃