Chronos des Nations 2023 Betting Favourites

Chronos des Nations 2023 Betting Favourites
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If you haven't yet read on our post on why betting on short cycling odds isn't worth it - you should - because Tarling is now even shorter for Chronos des Nations then he was for the European Time Trial Champs.

Why Short Betting Odds In Cycling Aren’t Worth It
We delve into why short betting odds in professional cycling aren’t worth taking compared to other sports such as the NFL or tennis.

Which is a tad insane given that it's not even pan flat - with over 322m of climbing over the 45km course. Remco could definitely pull out a win here in our opinion - but at E/W 1/5 odds we'll be passing on this one.

It'll nice to see how Derek Gee does as Canadian backers - but we don't think for a second he'll be placing in the top three. If you really want to try and find some value with respect to the third slot - given the 1/5th odds for the E/W we'd really only be looking at Ben Healy. His form has been good; he's strong at TTs (National Champ at ITT for Ireland in 2022 and almost in 2023) and even at 1/5 you're looking at a payout of 10.00 odds.

Do we think he'll beat Bisseger though? No. Not really. But that's why we're taking a pass on this one. But hey, you come here for value odds right?

Enjoy the final time trial race of the season regardless. To all those who've stuck with us through the season - thank you. We'll have a lot of bonus content for the off season and some more surprises down the road.

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