The Best Women Pro Cycling Descenders

The Best Women Pro Cycling Descenders
Tour de France Femmes - Stage 4 - 2023

The recent Tour de France Femmes has highlighted just how strong some of the female contenders are in the race. The level and calibre of riding just keeps increasing in the women's Peloton. Skillsets are developing and specific areas of expertise are becoming evident.

Courses are becoming more pronounced and defined, with true rouleur and mountain stages becoming increasingly common in week long events. Being able to climb uphill is now a crucial aspect to going for GC, but so is being able to ride successfully and effectively downhill. Especially if you want to win a rouleur based stage, a strong descent is great way to do it. Half the peloton is still not superbly impressive when it comes to bike handling skills, so having that skill in your toolbox unlocks massive advantages.

There are certain riders, especially those with cyclo cross backgrounds that stand out. Here we list some of the riders who have already made a name for themselves as epic descenders. We'll update this list as more become apparent.

  • Katarzyna Niewiadoma
  • Lotte Kopecky
  • Yara Kastelijn
  • Elise Chabbey
  • Marlen Reusser
  • Lianne Lippert
Women riders at the Tour de France Femmes 2023