Albert Withen Philipsen 🇩🇰

Albert Withen Philipsen 🇩🇰
Albert Withen Philipsen winning the World Junior Road Race - Glasgow 2023

There's not enough stats on Philipsen to yet display a worthwhile rider profile but after watching the race a few days back we wanted to write a post to exclaim the extreme prowess of what should be an exceptional cyclist in a few years.

Philipsen blew away the competition with an incredibly strong final attack on Montrose hill and put a minute and nineteen seconds into his nearest competitor prior to crossing the finish line.

And we're not talking just any competitors. Nordhagen, the favourite for the race was in the group of riders he simply powered away from on the hill. It was impressive.

And while not every rider who performs well or wins at Juniors (18 & under) goes on to be an incredible rider in their own right, this one has some sparkle given the type of win and who they won against.

It will be interesting to see how they stack up next year in their Junior races and if they decide to make the jump early to the U23 category at some point. It will be also interesting to see if that punch on the hill translates to being able to climb or if it's simply some CX style power Philipsen is packing.

Impressive stuff from the Danes in general the past few years with respect to cycling. Their pipeline is strong and it seems we're in for for a healthy generation of strong cycling contenders from the nation.

Albert Withen Philipsen powering away on Montrose street - Glasgow 2023